Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year from Sons of Bart Brush

Happy 2007, gang. With another baseball season drawing near, I wanted to post to say a couple of quick things.
First: There will be Sons of Bart Brush content this season. How much of it will be from me, I can't say. I'm working (a lot) and in New York now, and I've always done the lion's share of the posting around here, so the frequency of posts might not be what it once was. But my hope is to offset this in a number of ways.
1. Open threads. I'm going to put up an open thread for every home game, and it'll be its own self-contained forum where people who were actually there can comment on the games.
2. Pictures. Last year, we got an incredible boost from Mr. Meehan's pictures. I invite anyone who's got snapshots of game action to e-mail them to us. Don't be shy; Gmail can handle it. Case in point: The above shot from Harvard baseball's fall banquet, sent to us anonymously.
3. Got a digital video camera? Got footage? I'll probably have the Columbia games covered, but as for everybody else: Get to know Youtube now, and send me links to your clips. If I'd owned a videocamera last year, this alone would've made the site ten times better. We'll see if someone out there can bail me out this time.
More posts to come. Thanks for a great 2006. Looking forward to another one.

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