Sunday, January 07, 2007


Harvard Stadium is beautiful and historic. One thing it isn't is partially covered by a dome.
It was supposed to be by now. Back in the fall, Joe Walsh spoke excitedly about the prospect of the Harvard athletic department's dome project being ready to house offseason workouts for other teams, including the Crimson. This photo was taken yesterday (thanks, PST). No dome.
What's the holdup? The Crimson hasn't reported on the delay, to my knowledge. Anyone got a clue? Let us know in the comments.
Also, I'm hearing local rumors that among next year's recruits is a lefty from my alma mater. This is awesome.


Anonymous said...

From the picture, it looks like what they need is there. Not sure what the delay is. They just have not started installation. I think the team will have it use soon. You must keep the faith..

Brian said...

Who needs a dome when January temperatures in New England are hovering around 60 degrees?

Decrying inferior facilities or even lack of scholarships is all passe now. Global warming has become the great equalizer for Ivy League baseball.

Anonymous said...

I hear rumor from a good source that the dome is going up this week (1/21/07). Can anyone near Cambridge confirm???

Anonymous said...