Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Taking a Chance on Lance

A number of Harvard students graduated last week without jobs lined up. Lance Salsgiver doesn't have that problem.

Congratulations to Lance, taken in the 37th Round (1106 overall) of the 2006 MLB Amateur Draft last week. Good job by the Giants; the toolsy outfielder (or would they use him elsewhere?) seems a great late round pickup by Brian Sabean and crew. Meanwhile, John Birtwell '01 continues to make the most of his shot with Oakland's AAA team, Morgan Brown continues to load up on academic honors and The Crimson's commencement coverage touches on baseball here and here.

Apologies on the lateness with all of these, but commencement was very, very busy. Life is starting to calm down, and we'll take a look at some of those freshmen soon.


David said...

Birtwell needs to get the walks down.

Anonymous said...

also this piece on brunnig

Anonymous said...

FYI---Lance has been promoted from Scottsdale, Arizon---to Salem, Oregon to play for the Salem Volcanoes---The San Francisco Giants A team.