Saturday, June 03, 2006

Summer Plans and John Birtwell

Those looking to keep tabs on their favorite Crimson players over the summer will be happy to see Harvard's listing of assignments for summer ball. Like last year, a lot of players come back with summer ball experience. Most notably, Steffan Wilson and (non-roster invitee) Shawn Haviland in the Cape League, and Adam Cole, Tom Stack-Babich, Brad Unger, Max Warren and Matt Rogers in the New England Collegiate Baseball League.

An alert commenter (and thanks, guys--this site really benefits from you guys looking out) points out that John Birtwell has happily resurfaced in the Sacramento Triple A affiliate of the Oakland A's. Given the A's Harvard connections, Birtwell's unusual delivery and past record with the Tigers and Moneyball (remember Chad Bradford!), it's probably not as surprising as one might think. In 13 2/3 innings spread out over 10 appearances so far, Birtwell's only allowed 2 earned runs while striking out 9.

Awesome. We'll definitely keep an eye on this situation, and we wish John all the best. Also, in a situation that probably plays out in amusing fashion given Birtwell's documented sense of humor, or perhaps not given Birtwell's even better documented record as a great teammate, one of his fellow Sacramento River Cats is Kazuhito Tadano.


Anonymous said...

Lance Salsgiver was drafted by the Giants today.

mb said...

Gettin' there, gang. Commencement has made things rough. An early congrats to Lance, but we'll do this one right early next week.