Thursday, March 29, 2007

Video coming (hopefully)

Harvard beat Barry today and, perhaps notably, Adam Cole only pitched an inning in relief (shaky relief at that, as his struggles finding the strikezone this March continue). I suspect that we may be looking at a Haviland, Perlman, Unger and perhaps Eadington rotation after all. We'll see this weekend, when Harvard plays its first Ivy games at Penn (Saturday) and Columbia (Sunday). I hope to be at the Columbia games, video camera in tow.

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Anonymous said...

Having watched Harvard for almost all their spring games, I will say its not just Cole who is shaky. The pitching staff has given up 119 hits in 103 innings, coupled with 61 walks. Outside of Perlman all the pitching struggled. Cole has great stuff, but his mechanics are way off, he doesn't look nearly like last year. Bring your video camera and show it to the coaches.This Harvard team only managed to beat one known team,Notre Dame, and they aren't that good this year, Barry and Eckerd were even worse.