Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bubble up!

As of this past week, the Harvard stadium bubble is up and hosting offseason practices by spring teams. The pictures here aren't great; if anyone can take anything better, please e-mail it to

Still, this looks even more awesome than the preliminary reports had indicated:
The playing field is accessible through a revolving door located at the open end of Harvard Stadium. The bubble is attached to a permanent concrete base that lines the perimeter of the playing field, while the interior area is pressurized and climate-controlled.

"The excitement in practice has hit new levels," said Joe Walsh, the Joseph J. O'Donnell Head Coach for Harvard Baseball. "We have accepted the challenge of playing nationally ranked teams each season, and this renovation will not only allow our ballclub to compete with NCAA powers, but to help us beat them."
I can only imagine a development like this being a big lure to prospective recruits as well, demonstrating that the Harvard athletic program is committed to improving its facilities and becoming even more competitive across the board. Hats off to Bob Scalise, the donors, and everyone who made this possible.

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Anonymous said...

I hear workouts are going well in the bubble. I also hear the locker room has been re-done, new, large open lockers, new carpeting and furnishings etc. Rumor has it that the coaches paid for some of the locker room furnishings out of their own pockets.