Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who's on first?

And now, another couple of drips from the steady IV that was my brief e-mail exchange with Coach Walsh from a few weeks ago...

* Farewell, Josh Klimkiewicz '06. First base is "up for grabs," with freshman Andrew Prince and Dan Zailskas as possibilities. We've already talked about Zailskas some. Here's a little taste of Andrew Prince, the hitter. In addition to being a clutch hitter, he also seems pretty willing to take one for the team even when he's not playing.

* This year's pre-Ivy schedule looks to be among the Crimson's deepest ever, with games against Notre Dame, Dayton, Ohio State, Illinois, UCF, Tampa, Northwestern, FAU and FIU. March of 2008 will bring Wichita State, Long Beach San Diego, San Diego State, Cal-Irvine and the College of Charleston.


doc said...

Recently discovered SOBB. Ive been a friend/fan of harvard baseball for several years. Thanks for the posts Ive been reading. Any plans for an 07 preview show similar to 06? Can you give us any more info on the freshmen besides Zailskas and Prince. Also, any walk-ons who may surprise?

mb said...

Welcome aboard, Doc. A lot of things are up in the air here--I'm no longer in the Cambridge area, and I'm working full time (and then some). Same with the guys I started the site with. We're looking around for help, and we'll probably put out another request later in the winter. By then, we'll all have gotten a better sense of our lives and how much we can do. I for one am still getting used to the job thing.

Would love to do a preview again. Last year I basically scraped together with an ipod recorder, some pics off the internet, an unspectacular digital camera and some free software. Now I own a camcorder, which would make this a vastly better preview than '06 (and allow for regular clips of game action if I were still in the area). But everything depends on time, time and getting up there. Stay tuned, Doc, stay tuned.