Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tune-Up Platter

Jonathan Lehman has a recap of yesterday's comeback win downtown. Princeton, for its part, was sloppy in a loss to Rider. Interesting read: From a couple days ago, this piece about pitching in the Prince, which in addition to being unusual and informative (if poorly titled), offers this amusing nugget:
With many different pitches in their repertoire, Tiger pitchers favor certain pitches in certain situations.

"My favorite and most-used pitch is my sinker," said one pitcher, who was granted anonymity due to concerns that he would give opposing batters an advantage in the upcoming Ivy League Championship Series by revealing specific details about his pitch selection. "It is designed to generate more ground balls, which lowers my pitch count and allows me to stay in games longer. It also increases the likelihood of double plays."

"I use a slider in most 3-2 counts or counts when I really need a strikeout," the pitcher continued. "I am very accurate with it and can throw it for a strike when needed. It's also useful because many hitters will be thrown off by a 3-2 slider as most expect a fastball in such a count."
I love it. The pitcher's protection program. Ooh! Ooh! Who could it be? Here's the ultimate test of how hardcore our regular commenters are. Is it Stiller? Walz? Staehly possibly? Some anonymous reliever who will be of little consequence this weekend anyway?


Anonymous said...

Hey I want to know if someone at SOBB looked at the last comment recently posted under Klim for Player of the Year and actually thought about sending the stats you guys put together to argue Klim's case to Walsh and all the other Ivy League coaches?
There is no way this kid should get screwed again!!!!!!!

mb said...

I haven't, for a number of reasons. It's interesting to me that we didn't get awards today or yesterday. My recollection of previous years is that it's usually released midweek before the championship series.
Maybe it's that interesting a vote.

Brian said...

One good reason not to advertise our homemade stats beyond this site: they're not official. In his awesome-as-usual weekend preview, Kurt, the Harvard baseball's SID, refers to some of Klim's Ivy-only stats, and has his BA, OBP, and SLG differently than I calculated. Check it out:

The good news is, all Kurt's numbers for Klim are (slightly) higher. I must have missed a hit or tabulated a couple too many at-bats? I did get Wilson's numbers (at least his AVG) correctly, so hopefully my poor accounting is not widespread. Anyway, the even-better-than-thought Ivy numbers provide all the more reason for Klim to get the nod.

Faiz said...

Sounds like the Prince, with the aid of some jo-blo reliever who's thrown only 2 innings the entire year, is engaging in some psy-ops.

Dear Tiger pitchers, your mind games are foolish. And useless... we place a camera in centerfield to monitor all the pitch calls from the catcher.