Friday, January 13, 2006

Hyde-y ho!

Former Harvard assistant coach Matt Hyde is now an area scout for the New York Yankees, in charge of New England, New York and Pennsylvania. Matt is currently coordinating a number of winter baseball clinics with Mets scout Craig McLaughlin, Chicago Cubs pitcher Rich Hill and former Harvard standout Zak Farkes. Hyde reports that he was approached late last summer by Dan Duquette, former Red Sox GM, in helping to put together the 2006 edition of his New England Collegiate League team. Hyde saw the potential to get back into pro-ball full time, and with help from Duquette and Mets hitting coach Rick Down, found his way to the pros. It came down to the Yankees and the Jays, and Hyde is now in a job that gives him scouting duties at, among other venues, the Cape Cod League where he at one time served as an assistant coach.

Hyde sees a lot of Farkes on a day to day basis and says that after a difficult start in the minors, Farkes got some good advice during his first season and is now swinging the ball better than he's ever seen. He also noted that Luis Alicea, who managed the Spinners last year, told him he had the potential to be a gold glove third baseman.

Good luck to both Matt and Zak.

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